Requirements for Senior Elective in Anatomy

Day One Meeting

On the first day of the rotation all students must report to the Gross Anatomy Lab, Queen Lane at 10:00am.


All students are required to complete a dissection of the region that has been identified for the particular block in which they are enrolled.  Students will work in groups of three or more depending on enrollment.

Participation in Gross Anatomy Teaching

All students are required to attend and participate in the teaching of scheduled labs for PIL and IFM during the rotation.  This includes assisting the faculty in setting up and grading practical exams if these should occur during the rotation.

Daily Log

All students must keep a daily log of hours spent in preparation for dissection, preparation for teaching and actual hours spent working in the lab.  Students must turn in the log at the end of the rotation.  Include in the log an accounting of the days you were away for residency interviews or were away for any other reason.  A calendar has been provided for this purpose.  It can be downloaded from the course web site.


Each student must submit a 5 to 10 page written report at the end of the rotation detailing some clinical aspect of the area studied.  The report must cite at least three primary references from the literature.  Some examples might include: Variations in coronary artery dominance, anomalies of the blood supply of the upper limb, Incidence of tumors in various regions of the stomach, variations in the branching of the internal iliac artery, etc.

Review of Dissection

On the last day of the rotation, the group may meet in the Gross Anatomy Lab to demonstrate their dissection.  I will also monitor the progress of the dissection during the rotation


Each student must complete and turn in a course evaluation.  The evaluation form can be downloaded from the Course web site.  The student will evaluate their experience on the rotation as well as providing feedback about the other members of the dissection team. 


The evaluation, time log and paper should be submitted electronically in Word or pdf format and not later than the end of the week following the last day of the rotation.